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Periods of rapid behavior change spur periods of dramatic innovation. We lived this acutely as operators and leaders building for the rise of mobile. We are in one of those periods again brought on by a global pandemic, unprecedented inflation, threats to our planet and significant shifts in demographics, class and attitudes toward how we live and work. We need the next generation of best in class founders to build innovative solutions for the world we want to live in for years to come. The founders we need have the lived experience, tenacity and operational leadership to build the next generation defining companies.

Future of Work, Future of Health, Future of Community

f7 was one of our first investors and has been the most hands-on partner to help us achieve key milestones including our recent Series A. As former operators and execs, they bring deep expertise in scaling companies and have been my go-to call for operational questions. They have an incredible network that has resulted in multiple customer intros and connections to talent. It’s a rare combination and I feel lucky to have them as close partners on the WorkWhile journey.
Jarah Euston, Co-founder and CEO of WorkWhileJarah Euston, Co-founder and CEO of WorkWhile
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