About F7

Proven female leaders and operational experts

f7 is comprised of 7 female operators and leaders with over 20 years of experience in the fastest growing technology companies in Silicon Valley. During our tenures at Facebook, Google, Yahoo and beyond, we managed and developed thousands of people across dozens of teams around the world. We grew and managed revenue from $0 to > $15B. We scaled user growth to over a billion, launched over 30 new products globally and led teams across almost every organizational discipline.



Our expertise & intense operational lens helps founders where & when they need it most

While it can be easy to start a company, many fail on execution. Even with product market fit, a great company does not survive without great execution. We bring years of execution. In fact, we don't think there is another emerging fund out there with the breadth and depth of our collective operating experience. We firmly believe strong execution determines a company’s outcome and we are able to support companies at their foundational stages to help drive those outcomes.


We bring more diverse founders and funders to the table and that drives better results

We have been lucky enough to have a seat at the table and have also seen and experienced firsthand the consequences that come with a lack of diverse perspectives. We're focused on bringing together diverse founders and funders because these are the innovators the world needs now and diverse teams drive better outcomes: Gender and ethnically diverse leadership teams drive higher profitability than their peers and founding teams with at least one female outperform all male teams.

As a founder and building the cap table - I wanted to ensure it would be diverse. I could have filled the cap table even faster but wanted diversity. All the more important making a statement as a female founder in the gaming space.
Brina Lee, Hamul.ggBrina Lee, Hamul.gg